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I am excited to be applying for a Quality Control position in your company. I am currently employed at BIOKARPOS, as an SENIOR QUALITY ASSURANCE and INTERNATIONAL SOURCING MANAGER. Please accept this letter and the attached resume as an indication of my sincere interest in any open position at your organization that matches the profile you are looking. For the past twenty years as long as I graduated from my university, I have been working in the certification and quality sector.
In my Quality Assurance Manager role, I have been responsible for managing a quality assurance team, overseeing the full audit process, and ensuring strict adherence many standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, ISO 17065, 2018/848 European organic regulation, NOP/USDA, GLOBAL GAP, NATURLAND, DEMETER standards. This has led to a significant reduction in defects and an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, I have extensive knowledge in Quality Management Systems (QMS), enabling me to maintain and improve existing systems, as well as develop and implement new ones.
As an International Sourcing Manager, I successfully manage a diverse portfolio of European suppliers, driving cost reductions while maintaining the highest standards of quality and ensuring timely delivery of products. My role requires a sharp ability to negotiate contracts, an in-depth understanding of market trends, and the foresight to anticipate supply chain disruptions. I have a proven track record of identifying and onboarding new suppliers that meet our stringent criteria for quality, sustainability, and innovation, which I believe would be beneficial to your company’s commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.
As my resume indicates, I have extensive experience in the organic certification sector from many different positions and quality schemes, such as an inspector of organic crop production, organic certification evaluator and for the last three years as an organic crop production manager having under my supervision eight persons, of which six organic certification evaluators and two as secretarial support. Also under my jurisdiction belong the seven plant production regional offices and the inspectors that are located in the rest of Greece. I have also worked as an organic agriculture specialist in many European projects. I also have a great experience in socializing with customers and solving in an efficient and quick way, problems that may occur. I have also studied and worked all these years with other certification standards such as NOP/USDA, JAS and the equivalence certifications between EU and USA. For the last year, I have been a member of the quality department at DIO.
From my course work and professional experiences, I have developed the socializing, analytical thinking and problem solving skills required in the position you indicate. My skills also include dealing with multiple different databases such metadata inputting, client managing, organic certification and quality assurance. I have played also a critical role in the creation of two databases concerning the client managing and organic certification for the management of five thousand five hundred clients.
I am aware of the long hours and hard work that is required of the role and I am ready to dedicate myself to your organization, with the certainty that together we can make the difference for a better world for us and for the generation to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Katrakilis Andreas
Agronomist QA/QC

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